betcha’ can’t eat just one!

There are only a few items at the warehouse that we snack on continuously. We’re surrounded by great food. We eat oatmeal almost every morning and I have been known to eat it as a late night snack. We consume honey on toast, in tea or coffee, and by the spoonful in hot water when we’re sick.

Yet, when we want something to munch and crunch we turn to raincoast crisps. These addictive crackers are like the ad that ran so long ago, “betcha can’t eat just one”. This truly applies to this crispy cracker from our neighbors to the north. On a good day British Columbia and Raincoast Crisps are just two and half hours away.

With five flavors you’ll surely find a favorite to have by your side … There’s not a universal favorite here in the warehouse; we each have at least one. Mine is cinnamon raisin, with cranberry and hazelnut following closely behind. Eliza, who is much more savory than I (or is it that I am sweeter than her,) chooses the olive and fig.

We sample raincoast crisps all day long in the store and sometimes even offer them to customers. They love them too.

Topped with a thin layer of cream cheese and honey or a sophisticated high brow cheese with a savory marmalade, it’s all good! And like the potato chip, these crackers go great on top of mac and cheese!

raincoast crisps. a wonderful mix made into a crakcer!

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