Dining with the food editor of Food & Wine Magazine

This past weekend I was invited to dine with a friend and her son. Tina Ujlaki, in my mind, has this wonderfully romantic job as the Food Editor of Food & Wine Magazine; traveling the world and eating food at the finest restaurants cloaked in secrecy. So, when she visits Seattle, it’s always a kick to go out and eating with her. You order up all the things you want to try, whatever sounds good, and you eat it!

Not only is it nice to catch up on family stuff and eat good food, but when you go out with this unassuming food editor, you gather interesting tidbits and learn lots!

One of the places we went to had just opened; The Madison Park Conservatory, a place that I knew nothing about. It was a 1/2 a block away from the lake and had a menu with a number of interesting offerings. The space was understated and had a nice north light feel to it. And, everything we had was good and definitely worth going back for.

One of the dishes we had was Sardines on toast, cherry bombs, skordalia and it was very good. Simple and delicious! See the recipe below for skordalia, the bedding under the sardines.

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