it’s not about need

—- it’s about dee-lish-ish-niss!

It all came up as i lamented that I should not be ordering the giant apple fritter from Top Pot.

It was a deal that I made with my son. Go look at a h0use for a friend and we would make a trip to the local donut shop, get a donut, work on our respective computers, enjoying (modern) father son time. I didn’t plan well though, I wanted coffee but when confronted with a glass case full of donuts, I weakened quickly, ignoring my stomach and the fact that looking down is obstructed by a large belly, as I stepped back from the case to see my options.

Now you might think it is the fat and calories in the donut that I am concerned about …. but it is not. It is that I am trying to not consume wheat. It is this wheat, not gluten, and lack of sleep, that creates the extra weight that I have acquired over the last ten years. I suppose the economy hasn’t helped either as stress also adds weight to. I imagine the origins of pork belly politics is a plan to make us complacent and wish for ring dings, while we worry about our jobs and health insurance! And in the process making us all fat.

I am adjusting to the new world … coffee shops with the kids working on their computers while I write and work. It’s pretty nice. I know that the old guard is trying very hard to say that computers and electronics, like tv of our childhood is the new evil. My parents limited our black and white tv time to 30 minutes a week, or a whole hour if we chose Disney on Sunday night. I didn’t know the Wizard of Oz was in color until I saw it on a color tv in college!

And I ended up making TV shows … so my parents best laid plans to keep me away from TV didn’t work.

But I digress, this is about dee-lish-ish-ness. The question is, food and goodness. Are they related and how do they play out in the mind of the stomach? If the stomach is the second brain as it is referred too, does it send signals to the mouth to speak and to order? Is this why we say silly things while we order?  The stomachs language and vocabulary is perhaps the simplest of all. Using descriptors of the most basic kind? Taking words usually reserved for other actions and blurting them out as it gets excited when presented with a tongue that is craving? Like “I ate that apple fritter like a good book”. What? Why would one say that? Or is this why we have the saying our “Eyes are bigger than our stomach”. Clearly this is a conflict of brain versus stomach.

This word, delish-iss-nees comes from the woman behind the counter who reflected back to me when I said “I don’t need it” and she responded with “It’s not about need, it’s about dee-lish-ish-nes”

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