Jesse Bakes a Cake – A really good one

Jesse Bakes a Cake

2 + 2 : two days to make, two days to eat

Do you remember that layered chocolate cookie with whipped cream frosting “cake” recipe that came with those round chocolate wafer cookies? The recipe was on the packaging. It really was a brilliant way to sell a whole package of cookies and, well, as a kid I really liked the way it tasted. What could be better than chocolate cookies slathered in milky whipped cream, and then all frozen together? Dinner!

Well, Jesse’s Chocolate Almond Mousse Cake Recipe is a bit more complex than the chocolate cookie roll cake I remember from childhood. But it is also much better. Much Better!

Jesse spent two half-days in our kitchen making this splendid cake. Not only was it fun to watch Jesse do his work, but we learned a lot as we went along. And the best part? We got to eat cake for two days afterward!

Jesse is a culinary graduate in baking — and he has a magic touch when it comes to cakes. This recipe is perfect for a dinner party or an intimate dinner for two. It can be made a few days in advance and kept frozen in the cake ring until the day of the celebration when it can be defrosted and then decorated. Bring this cake to a party or share it with a few friends or colleagues.

If you look here you can see step-by-step photos of how Jesse used his creative process to decorate an already beautiful cake.

No matter how you eat it, even if you eat it all yourself, you and everyone else will be impressed by how amazing it looks and tastes!

We also wanted to let everyone know, Jesse, who has packed 90% of your boxes from almost the beginning, is making a big change; he is leaving “home” and going “home” to San Francisco. (if you need a baker…) And it’s not true that we kicked him out to the street because he is a 49ers fan, it’s just that we are a Seahawks company….

Go and have fun! Bake a Cake.

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