KATZ Rock Hill Ranch California Olive Oil

Spectacular KATZ Rock Hill Ranch Olive Oil

One of the few oils this year with a full nose of olive essence. Its initial full mouth feel, round and smooth, is akin to a once-in-a-lifetime Spanish oil I had the pleasure of tasting. From there, it turns to the more unique feel of a mature Californian; no harsh edges, full round flavors, with a hot burn that evolves into a nice touch in the back of the throat.

Gold Medal Winner in Monterey 2011 and at the 2007 Yolo County Olive Oil Tasting! Rock Hill Ranch was selected out of over 500 oils from 18 countries – and only 20 golds were given to oils domestically grown. Additionally, Rock Hill has collected over 9 gold metals over the years.

Katz Rock Hill Ranch Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is organically produced (CCOF certified) using sustainable farming methods. All of the fruit for the oil is grown in the Suisun Valley, which is bordered on its northwestern flank by the Napa Valley. This historic area has been an active agricultural region since the 19th century and is also a recognized appellation for wine grapes.

Every year, when the new oils come in, we get to take last year’s sampler bottles home. I couldn’t wait to take and bake with the Rock Hill sample!  An oil with this much personality can be used it to transform the mundane into the insane!

My daughter uses it on her popcorn, I use it on chicken and bread. You can’t believe how good it is; you feel like you can drizzle it on every spread!


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