Making Brownies

Cocoa and chocolate chip brownies

Making Brownies – with the ChefShop Cocoa

Today I am making brownies for my son’s upcoming birthday party. The brownies we make these days fulfill two important criteria: No dairy, and using ChefShop Cocoa Powder No dairy because of lactose/whey/modern-cow-milk allergy/reactions issues.Why does the milk we get today have so many people having an allergic reaction to it?

We all have our theories, but it must be the process. Removing all the fat, the cream of the crop, all the good stuff, might be the reason. Or it could be what the cows are or are not eating. It’s a complex answer I expect. Though most reactions are minimal and come with just a bit of discomfort, others are extreme and even debilitating.

I digress … so why Cocoa? Well, I was trying to find an easy to bake recipe that could use cocoa, so when people asked me “what do I do with this?” I have an answer.

This is it. Chocolate Brownies

Today, though, I am tripling the recipe, adding a bunch more chocolate chips, and extra vanilla. I hope it works!

We like crunchy edges, so we make thin brownies spreading the mix into many glass dishes.

Sugar, butter and cocoa mixed

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