Nothing like a drive-in for a hamburger

For the last couple of months on most Tuesdays and Thursdays I have been stopping for 2 hamburgers,  2 fries, and a milk shake. Well actually, they’re not for me, they’re for the kids and we stop mid-afternoon on the way from school to rehearsals. This is a big deal, you have to understand that they eat their hamburgers free and clear of anything on them. And at Dick’s, an institution, they have a simple menu which includes the rule no “special orders”.

I like this, I like the short menu and I love the speed for which your order comes out. In addition, they employ lots of kids of all ages, the food is hot and the milk shakes are real and they get “stirred” before it’s handed over. Known for their fries, which are hand-cut and made all day long, they taste pretty good. It ain’t gourmet but it’s good grub. So much it compelled me to watch American Graffiti the other day … it makes me wish we had a good diner to go to as well, then I might want to watch that movie too.

Back to the burgers … it’s important to understand that if your children are not adventurous when it comes to food, then even a simple addition to their diet like commodity ketchup and mustard is a good thing. It’s a symbol of age and things to come. Both kids like to dabble in the cooking, my daughter likes to bake chocolate chip cookies with abandon. The oddity though is she rarely eats more than a sampling  of her work, and prefers to share and give them away. So when they add a new food to their diet, even if it is something as normal as mustard and ketchup, I am pleased.

I am now more confident than ever that when we travel good foods will be eaten and exploration is coming.

I expect both will eat well and by our own fault, trained them to eat only the very best tasting foods. Only real pasta, or the appropriate tomatoes, and a salt to match the dish. This doesn’t mean they won’t eat junk too, like Swedish Fish or Skittles. But when push comes to shove and they are starving waiting for the next big break in the movies or theatre, they will know that good food is a whole lot more nutritious than cheap economy food.

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