Olive Oil Sundae with Flaky Salt!

Sundays Sundae

Dessert Olive Oil

Your first task is to find the deepest richest darkest chocolate ice cream you can. I prefer one that is less sweet and has more cocoa flavor, so that when you top it with the Bergamot olive oil and flaky sea salt, the flavors will blend without being overrun by sweetness.

You can imagine that this really is a savory dessert that has a touch of sweetness, comprised of ice cream, sea salt and, yes, Bergamot olive oil.

As you know, when you eat chocolate you crave salt. And when you can have one fat, it’s good, but when you have two fats, it’s way better!

So on this Sunday, think Sundae made of chocolate ice cream, Bergamot olive oil topped with a perfectly placed sprinkling of very flaky Sea salt.

It’s hard to describe the end flavor. With anticipation and trepidation, the first spoonful is always exciting.

You know what the chocolate ice cream will be like and you think you know how the sea salt will work with it, but the Bergamot olive oil, with its citrus tartiness, is the unknown.

The first spoonful will satisfy, the combination divine, and satisfactions is fulfilled with just one scoop! A perfect way to celebrate the first of the warm sun filled weather!

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