Peanut Brittle without the sticky mess

Peanuts Sweet tooth satisfaction in a brittle

If you haven’t figured it out by now I have a wicked sweet tooth.

And recently, I’ve been very much on a memory kick for childhood foods that I used to eat.  Some are probably not worth eating and for sure, the memory is infinitely better than the reality; and, although I crave the thought of a fluffernutter sandwich, the reality is that my teeth can’t take it anymore!

One thing I do really love is peanut butter, and have been enjoying gluten free PB& J cracker sandwiches.

But where I am truly enjoying “life in the past lane” is with brittle. You might have noticed we now have three very different brittles. One version is silky smooth, melt-in-your-mouth, one is covered with chocolate, and one is cashew heaven,hot, that crunches and spices you up!

And now we have one more! It showed up on the doorstep and we couldn’t turn it away. It has peanuts, it has crunch, and most importantly, it doesn’t stick to the teeth like a fluffernutter! It’s good! And whilst I was tasting, I ate a whole box to just to be sure.

Though not old, and in fact it is brand new, it is very similar to the brittle that Thomasina loves and ate as she solved Fermats last theorem.

If I had to choose just one, I wouldn’t; I would take them all. They will go in my emergency kit.

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