Smoked Applewood Bacon – a story


Applewood Smoked Heritage Pork Right now the dining room table is covered with over 50 new products to taste.

But don’t get too excited!

Unfortunately, out of those 50 maybe three will make it to the shelves. We taste them all and the ones we like get moved to the top of the list. The rest we taste again and again three more times. Just to make sure that we didn’t miss something in the first bite. It’s funny how the mood of the day has an effect on how the tummy feels, and just about everything else will affect how something might finally taste.

There’s a lot of tasting going on. It’s definitely not helping me lose weight so I can fit into an old suit for the fundraiser event at the end of the month in LA.

But one has to do what one has to do, and eating lots of food comes with the territory.

So when my son asked me (it’s vacation week) to have pancakes for lunch, I was more than happy to oblige, especially considering he wanted to mix-it-up as well. Then the request came for bacon. I didn’t have any readily available so I rooted around in the freezer and found two frozen lumps. One was Ricks applewood smoke bacon and one was from my cousin in Vermont, from a long time ago. I am pretty confident that it’s from a Mangalitsa. Even with a little freezer burn, the bacon was fabulous.

With the little bit of batter left I made one pancake, made two fried eggs in the bacon fat, a couple of slices of barbecue pork. Now that’s good! So much for my diet

The take away from all this is why foods, like Rick’s bacon, make it to the list, because they withstand real living. Even when freezer burned past it’s prime, it’s still awesomely good! Taste testing works.

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