Smoked Sea Salt – the real deal!

Iburi-Jio! The very best Smoked Sea Salt!

Starting with deep sea water from off the coast of Japan, the ocean water is slowly heated in a large pot over a fire of burning wood. Over three days, the water evaporates creating a crystalized salt rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium.

The “iburi” , or smoking process, is achieved by using pure cherry wood and allowing the salt to absorb the subtle nuances of the roasting wood. The result is a salt that is complex in flavor without the use of chemicals or liquid producing a fabulously wonderful, “sweet” smelling ingredient.

The result, when used to create classic BBQ style football based meats, will wow your guests with a flavor they will love. But don’t just think BBQ. Smokiness, when thought of an ingredient and not a “type”, can expand into many great ideas!

If you think of traditional Japanese dishes like sashimi or tempura, you realize that a crystal here or a crystal there could transform them from your plate to the ocean. Add a touch to split pea soup or baked beans to twist the finish of your dish.

But if you like smoky, from a hint to a lot, add it to your seafood to enhance the ocean feel. Or add it to your roasted chicken. Everything is enhanced with the Iburi-Jio roasted salt!


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