Smoking Mangalitsa Bacon

The response to our testing so far has been beyond my wildest dreams. Once we decided to do our own smoking, I knew we might have a winner. But the response has been awesome; 100% positive. And, for a smoked product that’s pretty darn good. Of course, herbivores won’t switched nor will non-pig-people, but I don’t think even a “bacon from the heavens” will switch them.

It took some real convincing for me to even consider starting another project like this. We figured that, with all the other bacon out there in the world and the fact that we already have Rick’s stellar Berkshire Pig bacon, it would be adding just another slice. After all, I have been chowing down on A & J’s bacon for almost 20 years!

So, we started by tried a bunch of other people’s Mangalitsa bacon, because if someone is already making something we would eat, why do our own?

So, here is our version; it’s been brined and then smoked. The exact formula is a secret, of course. But, think simple. No tricks, no over-salting to get more water weight, or injection techniques to garner more money for less, and no fake “hickery-smoke” flavor. Just straightforward good.

And .. the bacon has really turned out great! Check out the finished color after it’s been smoked. The look is absolutely gorgeous!

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