Squeezing the Lemon

KATZ Meyer Lemon Olive Oil – 2010/2011 review – Tasting notes.

Albert opened the barrel and I stuck my head in. I was enveloped in a fog of olive and lemon. It was as if two large mittens pressed up against my ears and held me gently captive as I inhaled the most wondrous smells. It was, by far, one of the best “tastes” I have ever had.

I planned to take half a day away from the Fancy Food Show and go north of San Francisco to visit Albert and Kim in the Napa Valley. I planned to shoot the bottling of Katz Meyer Lemon Olive Oil so I could visually announce the new crop with pictures. Just a quick trip, up and back.

I envisioned something, I am not sure what, but what I expected did not happen. What did happen was a step into a wonderful time warp. Conversations abounded about all things food including, of course, olives and lemons.

The process to create Meyer Lemon Olive Oil starts with the beginnings of the ever popular Chef’s Pick and distinctive Rock Hill Ranch. The tasting, the rating, and finally the mixing of the olive oils, creating the distinctive taste that makes Katz’ oil Katz’


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