The best croissant

Well, it may not be the very best, and I haven’t tried one from every bakery in Seattle, but for me it’s the best. I generally eat two varieties. Almond or Ham and Cheese, and I suppose chocolate.

It’s worth the trip, and they aren’t full of foodies or students. It is one of the neighborhood places.

Your should try them for sure …. it’s in Ballard. The flour is fresh and it shows.

update …. so … if you compare good and not so good, the pastry should be light on the mouth and not resemble a loaf of bread in any way! I had a croissant from a “French” bakery the other day and it was like bread in the nicest way. It is what we end up getting used to when you go to conferences and what the hotel serves up or what you might have at Disneyland. Ok, but it’s not like Fresh Flours!

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