Topical Heat Wave

A Bark that has some Bite

Organically grown Ceylon Cinnamon

Open the bag, put your schnoz inside and take a big whiff … “ooh-la-la” to quote Grace Potter. This is what you expect this is what you want, this is and I mean, IS, cinnamon.

Look at the bag and see a tree, see the bark and wonder how it can be, something like this is so de’lish’iss’ee! Break a little loose, pop-it-in-your-mouth and in a second or two the cinnamon tingles your tongue and the flavor imparts, leaving a eidetic memory.

Freshly cut from a small stand of trees in Hawaii, when it comes in like this, we jump for joy as it reminds us why we chose it in the first place. The man who planted the trees to harvest, chose Ceylon for it’s good health properties, it’s chemical properties and also for it’s “taste”.

This ceylon cinnamon is grown on a certified organic farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. His trees grow 4-5 years before harvesting (Most trees are harvested after 2-3 years). Not only does waiting increase their yield, but they feel that the cinnamon then has a stronger flavor and has a little more kick to it.

Top your ice cream, top your hot chocolate, (hot drinks cool you in the summer) sprinkle your peaches and your grilled chicken, get the flavor, get the health, give your summer dish a good bark!

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