Triticum monoccum – one million years old

Einkorn, the truly ancient grain, is the next secret ingredient in the kitchen. It’s beautiful, smooth, lush exterior makes this one of the prettiest grains we have ever seen. If you dive your hand into a bag of Einkorn it feels like a smooth massage caressing your skin.

Lentz Ancestral Grains has finally released a small amount of Einkorn. Eight years of trials and tribulations to grow this crop from a handful of seeds, Lena & Renee have finally released a grain that meets their very high standards.

High standards? Take for instance, Emmer (Triticum diccocum,) Lentz is not satisfied with just having a crop to harvest, they insist that the quality of the grain be superior to all others. It is not enough to just be organic (which it is), or have the highest protein (which it has), it also has to perform in the kitchen (which it does).

A new grain, like the million-year-old Einkorn, has many steps it goes through before it makes it to market. For Lentz Ancestral Grains, they are meticulous about every detail so that each grain is treated with care to ensure that it is a superior offering.

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