Umbrian Olio Nuovo from Etruria

We had to wait a long time to see this oil, and it was worth every moment of the wait! By far the best Italian oil of the year. A classic taste and what we have come to expect from Etruria. If you have been holding out for an oil this year, this is the oil to get. We like the clean flavor and the pure oil feel. It has a kick, without knocking the back of your throat out. Yet, it is not so tame that you forget you are having a new oil.

Italian Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil from Umbria

If you want the oil that Giuseppe uses at home, a “real” oil that the “people” use, this is the right choice for 2011.

Etruria started as a company that takes the classic Umbrian family recipes and formulas, and shares them with us here stateside. What’s in the “box” is not some specially created food for the American market. It is, in fact, what Giuseppe grew up eating; what his Mom makes and cooks with everyday.

Enjoy the authentic tastes and flavors of Umbria, starting with this wonderful Organic New Oil from Etruria! Italian Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil from Umbria.

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